Do You Know Your Healthcare Team?

Your care is a team effort with many experts who will address various needs. Although there are different people who make up your healthcare team, it's important to remember that you are the most important member of the team. Take an active role in your care and don't be afraid to ask questions every step of the way! Feel free to share some of your tips with us, as well!

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Circle of Care

Do You Know the Members of Your HealthCare Team?

  • Patient Advocate

    Lifeline that helps guide patient with support and education.

  • Patient

    Ultimate decision maker in care with life expertise.

  • Care Support Partner

    Care/Support Partner

    Person who cares for someone who is ill.

  • Medical Oncologist

    Medical Oncologist

    Doctor who coordinates cancer care with healthcare team.

  • Primary Care Physician

    Primary Care Physician

    Doctor who coordinates your overall care as gatekeeper.

  • Pathologist


    Doctor that evaluates cells and tissues to provide diagnosis and stage of cancer.

  • Diagnostic Radiologist

    Diagnostic Radiologist

    Doctor that performs imaging tests to screen/diagnose (e.g. x-ray, MRI, ultrasound).

  • Surgical Oncologist

    Surgical Oncologist

    Doctor who performs surgical procedures.

  • Radiation Oncologist

    Radiation Oncologist

    Doctor who uses radiation therapy to shrink/eliminate tumors.

  • Psychologist


    Helps you manage emotions and adaptations to life changes.

  • Pharmacist


    Fills prescriptions and provides education on how to take medications.

  • Nurse


    Provides coordination of care, education, and counseling to help manage your care.

  • Genetic Specialists

    Genetic Specialists

    Provides risk assessment, education and support to those at risk or diagnosed with inherited conditions.

  • Social Worker

    Social Worker

    Problem solvers that connect you to community resources and mental health counseling.

  • Rehabilitation Therapist

    Rehabilitation Therapist

    Develop plans to promote ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

  • Physician Assistant

    Physician Assistant

    Perform services such as exams, education and prescribing medication.

  • Patient Navigator

    Patient Navigator

    Provides guidance through healthcare system helping to overcome obstacles.

  • Dietitian


    Nutrition expert that helps manage eating and hydration needs.

Do you have stories to share about your experiences with your healthcare team?