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What to Do During a Visit With Your Doctor

The average medical visit is only 15 minutes and it's important you use that time wisely so you can share what's relevant, ask the right questions, and understand your options so you can make informed decisions. Feel free to share some of your tips with us, as well!

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In one ear and out the other?

Most patients forget the information they hear at an appointment and only half of what they remember is correct! Take notes or ask permission to record your visit. You can always ask your doctor or nurse to write down instructions for you.



Ask for clarification. If your doctor or nurse uses words you don’t understand, ask them to clarify to ensure you get the facts you need to make an informed decision.


Teach back the doc!

Repeat your diagnosis, treatment plan, and what you heard back to your doctor or nurse. Chances are if you can’t recap what you are supposed to do, you won’t do it. This also helps clear up any miscommunication.


More is not always better.

Know the difference between more care and better care. Find out why a test or treatment is needed and how it will help you. More care can sometimes expose you to unnecessary risks, and you may be better off without it.


Tick tock.

Maximize your time with your doctor and prioritize order of your questions and key issues so you get to what's important first.

Do you have tips and/or stories to share? Tell us about what's working and what's not during your visit with your doctor.